Opulence Package

    Opulence Package

    You’ll no longer wish for a new car when our premium services give your car a brand new look! Our Opulence Package is nothing less than a luxe treatment which includes a 9H ceramic treatment that’ll give a glossy look to your car and enhance the intensity of the paint work.

    This package is a breather for those cars that are used continuously without a break and offers a luxurious spa-like experience too. Along with our services, we ensure our customers are at ease by providing free pick and drop services as well as free parking.

    • Segment 1

      Rs. 35,000

    • Segment 2

      Rs. 38,000

    • Segment 3

      Rs. 40,000

    Time Taken 4 Hrs

    Exclusive Of 18% GST.

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    Bodycoat offers car detailing services with professionals at your convenience. At bodycoat, we make sure that you get value for your money and an assured quality of servicing

    9H Ceramic

    Exterior Treatment

    Interior Treatment

    Windscreen Treatment

    Free Parking

    Valet Service

    Eco Wash


    • Makes your car look brand-new.
    • Offers a great deal of protection against sun and rain damage.
    • Keeps your vehicle guarded against chemical stains and other contaminants.
    • Ensures the safety of everyone travelling in the car.


    • Why should I choose Bodycoat for Car Detailing in Bangalore?

      We give you a service that is one of the best you've ever had. Detailing cars, washing cars and bikes, and pick-up at your doors.All at very affordable prices as customer satisfaction is primary for us.

      • How much time does it take for a car wash?

        1-2 hrs is the time it takes for car wash.

        • How is eco wash different from normal car wash?

          The method of washing the vehicle differs from that of a normal car wash.. In Eco-Friendly body wash no water is used in the cleaning process of the vehicle.

          • What is the difference between car detailing and car wash?

            Car wash and car detailing are two separate methods of car servicing. Car wash as the name suggested is simple washing of the car and cleaning the mats. Whereas, car detailing includes deep cleaning inside of the car or exterior of the car. It includes many things like seat covers, dashboard, AC vent, and every minute details with water and chemicals.

            • What is interior detailing?

              Interior detailing basically means deep cleaning the interior of the car. Cleaning vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces as part of interior car treatment removes pollutants like dust, filth, and tenacious stains.

              • Does Car Detailing Remove Stains?

                Car detailing means deep cleaning of your car. Through this process we can remove 99% of the stains.

                • What does your radiance package include? How is it different from ceramic coating?

                  In our radiant package of car service it includes a fusion of inside treatment, multi-layer surface refinement, and eco-wash. This package also comes with free parking as well as a free valet service from and to your door. And Surface modification provides a deep, mirror-like gloss to the paint surface and aids in giving it that "new car look," replacing the drab aspect of your paint surface.

                  • What is your service area?

                    We do Car Detailing Located in Phoenix Marketcity and Nexus Koramangala areas, generally in Bangalore City.

                    • What are the benefits of car detailing?

                      There is a huge list of benefits of car detailing, here are some of them— it protect against further damage and help the car regain its showroom sheen. Keep in mind that the technique only involves minor cosmetic adjustments and not body repairs. It is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom using specialised equipment and supplies.

                      • How can I make an appointment?

                        You can call us at this number +918754472300 or download our app at play store or app store.

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