9H Ceramic Treatment

    9H Ceramic Treatment

    Ceramic coating is one of the most popular names in the car care industry. It’s a synthetic chemical based coating made with Silica or Quartz-Silane based compound, and is applied on the surface of vehicles to prevent them from any damage. A few advantages of a good coat of ceramic compound are:

    Ceramic coating protection can last up to 7 years based on the quality of the compound used, the coating process followed, and its after-care. Maintenance of the vehicle post a ceramic coating treatment is extremely crucial for extended durability.

    9H ceramic coating, where ‘H’ stands for hardness, is a premium level of the treatment and is more than sufficient to exhibit all the advantages. Other than the hardness, it’s also important to know about the slickness and structural integrity of the coating for best results.

    • Segment 1

      Rs. 30,000

    • Segment 2

      Rs. 32,500

    • Segment 3

      Rs. 35,000

    Time Taken 4 Hrs

    Exclusive Of 18% GST.

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