Windscreen Treatment

    Windscreen Treatment

    Most of the car enthusiasts think the least about windscreen. They rarely pay attention to this part and rarely get it serviced. However in reality, a car windscreen is crucial in keeping you and the other passengers safe. It renders a structural integrity to the car and offers unobstructed visibility too.

    In case a car’s windscreen is not maintained properly, it will lead to dirt getting stuck on it and obstructing the driver’s view of the road ahead. The first step to maintaining the windscreen is to treat it with utmost care. A routine cleaning of the shield, swapping wipers when necessary, and regular screening with the help of professionals can increase the lifespan of your vehicle’s windshield.

    • Segment 1

      Rs. 1,250

    • Segment 2

      Rs. 1,500

    • Segment 3

      Rs. 1,750

    Time Taken 4 Hrs

    Exclusive Of 18% GST.

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