Polymer Treatment

    Polymer Treatment

    A glossy car is always a beautiful sight. However, with the extreme heat, UV damage, the dirty roads, grime, and other contaminants can leave your car in a very bad condition. This can lead to stains and scratches, that’ll dull its shine and appearance.

    Car owners are increasingly looking at polymer treatments to retain cars like a brand-new one. A reactive polymer treatment involves coating the vehicle with a crystal clear compound that bonds with the vehicle’s paint to become a new surface. A few benefits of this process are:

    A decent coat of polymer, if done correctly can last you a lifetime, because it cannot be easily removed. They act like a shield, and protect the car from harmful contaminants, even under the most harsh circumstances. Although it can be applied on both old and new cars, it’s advisable to get a polymer treatment done on newly bought cars.

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      Rs. 8,000

    • Segment 2

      Rs. 9,000

    • Segment 3

      Rs. 10,000

    Time Taken 4 Hrs

    Exclusive Of 18% GST.

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