Exterior Treatment

    Exterior Treatment

    Our exterior treatment helps in restoring your vehicle’s shiny finish. Using our premium and reliable products, we ensure protection for all the exterior parts, including the tyres and wheels. With this treatment you can make an impression wherever and whenever you travel in your car.

    A regular exterior treatment is helpful in maintaining your wheel’s appearance through rough weather for a longer time. Whether you own a premium car or not, proper maintenance decides its condition and beauty, and we help you with it.

    We also provide an eco-friendly car wash, free parking and valet service too, to ensure a seamless experience for you.

    • Segment 1

      Rs. 5,500

    • Segment 2

      Rs. 6,000

    • Segment 3

      Rs. 6,500

    Time Taken 4 Hrs

    Exclusive Of 18% GST.

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